Ten Great Photoshop Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts

Ten Great Photoshop Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts

Adobe continually improves and updates Photoshop. I’m not a Photoshop guru, but I can do quite a lot with Photoshop. My wife, who I would call a Photoshop pro or guru, is amazing at getting Photoshop to do things that blow my mind. While my wife is using the latest version of Photoshop as a digital designer, she currently uses Photoshop seven. Please forgive me for any outdated ideas.

These ten tips will help you use Photoshop in new ways, or to make it more accessible to you right away.

1) Edge Burn in Technique You can use the Rectangular marquee application (M), and select the spot slightly smaller than that of the image’s outside edges (50 100 pixels, depending on your preference). Now invert the choice (Select Inverse) and create a Curves feature later to darken the advantage and click OK. Then use a large Gaussian Blur (Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur) to the level cover up having a Radius of about hundred pixels depending on the preference of yours. The Brush tools, or the layer Opacity slider can help you personalize it.

2. Make Image Midtones pop! This method will help you avoid sharp shadows and even spotlights, while still bringing out your midtones. Make a duplicate on the Background level and then select Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask, after which set the Amount, Threshold and Radius to 50/20/20 respectively. Now, select Layers and choose Blending Options. In the This Layer section shift the Shadow slider down to 70 as well as the Highlight up to 185. Media Alt (Option), and then drag the shadow slider to zero and the highlight to 25, and click OK.

Three Make fancy edges with images using filters. Open the text portion of your image so that your initial is not lost. Double-press on the Background layer within the Layers palette. To create Layer zero (or an ordinary layer), click OK. You can use the Rectangular Marquee (M), and select a small area of your picture that is smaller than the edge. The same applies to the advantage-burn in procedure. Use Quick Mask to create a mask. Press Filter Gallery, then click OK. To cover the image in the format you created, simply click the Add Layer Mask icon from the Layers palette.

4. Quick Tip: A new layer appears above the background level media in the Layers palette. To create your new layer below the active level, press Ctrl(Command) when you click the Create A New Layer icon.

Five ways to make your cropped images match. After you have taken the pictures, click on the image that is the right size. Click on Crop and choose C. Now, click on Front Image in the Options Bar. For the front photo, the width and resolution qualities are loaded. Drag the crop border from the following picture and press media Enter (Return). The second image is now the exact same size as its predecessor.

6- You have control over sliders. When your cursor is moved with a numerical choice, it will appear in all dialog or Option containers. You can also control the slider by pressing Alt (Option), dragging your cursor, and moving the mouse. This will make the values move tenx more slowly. Also, Shift key elements are able to position the value tenx quicker.

7- Does Your Histogram Measure Up?
Your Histogram should not be a duplicate of previous edits. The Histogram will update to the latest version if you see a small triangle.

8- Apply the previous filter again The shortcut Shift+Alt-F can be used to re-apply a filter.

9- Simple Crop Tool: Click as well as drag your mouse outside the bounding container to allow Cropping(C) to change the view of the image. Or, even straighten it. To crop, double-press inside the package. This is a great tool that we use all the time at our camera repair shop to take photos of parts for the website.

10 Make crisp edges shapes When using the Rectangular Shape app, click on the down-arrow to select the best style from the Options Bar. Also switch on Snap To Pixels!

I hope you are able to locate one or two products that will improve your Photoshop use. I’ll be back soon with more recommendations!

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