10 Must-Follow Rules for Modern Website Design

10 Must-Follow Rules for Modern Website Design

When it comes to modern website design, color choice can be a very important aspect. Colors that are too busy or neon or even colors that are too dark can be a problem because it distracts your website visitors from your message. A strong color scheme will help to make cohesiveness between what your company puts out known. But the amount of colors you include in your layout is also an important aspect to consider.


Too many colors get visually distracting, which means most modern website design trends lean towards only two or three main color palettes in their main design elements. Two primary palettes can be found in most sites, which match either the background color or the text. The second palette is usually a neutral or a complimentary color to complement the primary one. The main goal with using two main palettes is to increase usability and readability, especially on mobile phones where it can be difficult to see small background images. Using only one main color scheme is also unappealing to many people because it can become very overwhelming and cause eye strain.


Minimal design elements can help to achieve this and still look modern. These elements include less formatting, a clean look, and little to no visual distractions. With minimal design elements, it is easy to scan through your website and quickly find the information you are looking for. Most of the time, they will have bolded, highlighted, or underlined keywords that will allow your readers to find what they are looking for with minimal searching. This will save you valuable time and keep your web pages clutter-free.


When you are thinking about a modern website design project, you should also think about keeping content simple. It may be tempting to include a lot of extra or complex graphics, but doing so can distract your readers and make them feel overwhelmed. Instead, try to find common words and phrases, keep navigation easy, and stick with minimal design elements to reduce the number of design elements on each page.


A clean design can also contribute to a great user experience. With clean, white space, it is easier for your readers to focus on your content and not on the distracting elements on the webpage. White space also makes it easier for your visitors to read your content without having to constantly scan the text. You can also keep your content simple by using a basic color scheme with clear fonts and minimal amounts of color. By keeping your background, fonts, and border colors clear and bold, you can create an easy-to-read interface.


Another element to consider for a modern website design project is to create a video backgrounds to go along with your backgrounds and colors. There are a lot of free video editing programs that you can use to add videos to your websites, and you can save these video backgrounds to your website as well. You can put these background videos on the side bars of your websites, in the footer, or anywhere else you feel is appropriate. Backgrounds and videos can make your websites more attractive and memorable to your website visitors. This will also help you create a better user experience because you have more room for video content.


You may also want to create a video background using your own photography and include these in your modern websites. These backgrounds video images can be used on any corner of your website as long as they do not cover up the content that you are trying to display. For example, if you are creating a video presentation, you could place the video background picture in the left pane and then create subplots, titles, and other content in the right pane. This can be used as a rule, or you can create different videos for each major section of your website. Also, using background video is great for helping your website visitors to relax while watching your videos, and they will be glad that you included this feature when designing your modern websites.


Some other ideas for modern website design and video backgrounds include things like educational videos for children. These can be videos about math, science, and more. Or, you could also include a video showing you doing something funny. This could show you playing with your dog, or doing a trick. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making use of video backgrounds and ideas to create your own unique website design and video backgrounds for modern websites.

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