Here are 4 deadly mistakes in list building that you need to avoid

Here are 4 deadly mistakes in list building that you need to avoid

It has been noticed a million times. You have noticed it a million times and decided to create your own list so you can advertise to them again and again whenever you want. But, what if things don’t go as planned?

We will be looking at 4 serious list building mistakes that could seriously hinder your list building efforts.

These email marketing tips will help you increase the size and speed at which your list grows. So, without further delay let’s get into it.

1. Deadly list building mistake.

AdSense is a way to make your squeeze page more attractive. You can make at most a few dollars if they don’t opt-in. To make your squeeze pages perform, the only thing you must focus on for visitors is the offer you made in return for their name and email.

#1 Deadly Mistake in List Building

Although you must convince your visitor about the value of becoming a subscriber to your site, the squeeze page should not be longer than 5 pages. Your visitor will be more inclined to abandon your squeeze web page if they have to go down several pages before finding your optin.

Third Deadly Mistake in List Building

Unorganized pages are not a good idea. Visitors will leave if your squeeze page is cluttered with your product sales copy and bullet points. You must make your squeeze page as simple and clear as possible.

The fourth and most fatal mistake in list building.

You are not offering a compelling offer. It is possible to make a squeeze webpage for almost anything. However, your subscription rate will not be high if your offer doesn’t grab enough attention to convince your visitor to subscribe. You can do some market research so you know what the customers really need and make your offer based on that.

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