4 Great Steps For Finding Great Freelance Web Designers

4 Great Steps For Finding Great Freelance Web Designers

Without a solid portfolio behind them, new freelance web designers have to rely on a little bit of luck. For those who can’t win over clients based solely on their portfolio, they have to work harder to stand out. Luck is what can get you to the finish line with a freelance job, but sometimes it comes down to doing the right thing, regardless of how difficult that might be. Here are some ways to improve your odds at landing that elusive client.


Good portfolio: A lot of aspiring freelance web designers struggle with this one. Some of them think that a well-written, well-designed portfolio automatically gets them places. This is actually a designer’s greatest opportunity to show off their abilities in all the right detail. Many of which have been learned in school, another good part of which probably stays with you even today. It does take a bit of effort to put together a decent portfolio, but if you can do so, it should do just fine. In order to gain recognition amongst your peers, however, you have to blow them away with your portfolio.


New things: A lot of times, freelance web designers are introduced to new things through word of mouth. If you know someone who knows about SEO, for instance, tell them about it. Chances are, you will get a whole bunch of new things on your hands within the next week or two.


Hourly rate: As far as hourly rates go, most freelance web designers may charge anywhere from fifty cents to a dollar an hour. No matter which you choose though, make sure that you are not being offered a lower rate just because you are a woman (or whatever). Keep in mind that most projects will charge more than this, especially when deadlines come into play. This goes back to not knowing the market quite well and making assumptions that could cost you money.


Freelance Web Designers Has No Disrespect For Employees As mentioned before, a big part of becoming a freelancer is not having to deal with corporate bosses and their overbearing attitude. While a majority of freelancers are independent contractors, there are still a good amount of them working under a desk job. One thing many freelancers complain about though, is the lack of respect for employees in the freelance web designers’ industry. Although some employers will pay you just as good as others (often more), there is still a great deal of resentment towards employees in the freelancers’ world.


How To Succeed In The Freelance Web Designer Career Most importantly, when it comes to your freelance web design career, you need a portfolio. A portfolio is basically your entire reputation on the internet. Make sure you create a portfolio that is up-to-date, professional, and artistic.


Networking Is Necessary If you want to succeed in the web design world, you’re going to have to network. There is no one who can do all the work for you. This doesn’t mean though that you should spend every waking moment trying to contact other freelance web designers. However, it does mean that you should take every opportunity that comes your way.


Freelance Web Designers Must Stay Connected There is nothing worse than being stuck in a business where you don’t know your clients. To avoid this, freelancers must always keep their clients portfolio and clients contact information current. Clients can also help keep their portfolios updated by keeping their contact’s current on the work they have done for other companies.


You Can’t Do It Alone With so many companies out there, it’s impossible to be the sole designer of your own portfolio. Even if you do it alone, you won’t be successful. It’s critical that you work with a company that has an extensive client base. There is no reason for your clients to have to contact you only for new projects. If a client already has a few jobs, he or she might feel overwhelmed by contacting you for a new designer project.


Be Helpful If a potential client asks you about your portfolio and/or website, be helpful. Don’t jump right into giving them your name and contact information right away. It’s a good idea to give them your name and contact information at the end of your interview. After your interview, give the client a quick call and introduce yourself. Then, you can begin sharing details about the projects you’ve worked on for other companies.


You Must Have Your Own Gallery If you want your work to stand out in the web design community, you need to start exhibiting your work. This is a great way to get noticed as a great designer. The best designers are known for their portfolio exhibitions. So, whether you’re looking to exhibit your entire portfolio or just one or two pieces, this is a great way to do it. You can even submit your pieces for sale through this gallery! So, if you don’t display your own work, you need to start now.

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