8 Easy Steps To Create Landing Pages That Convert

A great landing page is simple and beautiful. It covers all the important details and actionable points your visitor needs. If you put your visitor in the process of solving their problem, they will be more likely to buy.

Your landing page design should always be simple and concise. This makes it more user-friendly and professional. Your landing page should consist of clear labels and buttons for the visitor to click. Listed are 8 KEY principles that can help you get started with designing a great landing page.

Personal Touch

Designing a landing page isn’t rocket science. The key to creating a great landing page is to think in a unique way. You have to add personalization to the page. Your landing page should tell the viewer who you are and what you want to do.

If you have an about page, include it on your landing page. This is important because if a visitor lands on your landing page and they are very interested in what you offer, then they will likely want to know more about you. And if you’re a designer, I highly recommend having an About page that’s as well-written as your marketing plan.

Less Is More

While there are thousands of design solutions to make your webpages highly engaging and highly lucrative, today we will use the minimalist approach to building landing pages that will both captivate your readers and convert them into paying customers.

While some of you may ask: “why are you adding to the clutter when you should be doing the opposite?” The simple answer is to lead your visitors to what you want them to see and take action. Of course you have a nice picture, a nice header, but it will only distract your readers from what you have to offer.

Keep It Clean

White-label design can be a solution to your woes because it’s a simple solution that can lead to many conversions. The old saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel” is the best thing you should adopt if you’re a designer or UX/UI expert. If you are going to create any kind of landing page, use a white label/pay-per-click (PPC) scheme and you won’t have to maintain a design, and that can be time consuming.

Understand Your Customer

Since every action they take now will help your business in the long term, you should spend a significant amount of time studying your customers to determine exactly what they want and how you can best serve them. Once you know that, make sure you provide them with that information in a simple, yet effective way.

Create Irresistible Offer

This might sound weird at first, but it makes all the difference in the world. Remember, the whole point of your landing page is to get the reader to think of the product or service that you offer. But many landing pages will fail because they aren’t pushing the reader to take the action.

Don’t make the process to convert as boring as possible by making it seem like you are just repeating yourself over and over again. Put in some keywords in the headline that will bring the visitor to the action, and make sure you include some type of incentive that makes it irresistible to ignore.

Mobile Friendly Page

Remember that everyone now starts their search from their mobile devices, so it makes sense to design your page with the mobile market in mind. With that in mind, make sure your landing page looks good from any screen, including laptops, tablets and phones.

Make sure you get rid of any text that is too small for the mobile market, and ensure that your images look good on the phone’s smaller display. Make sure you get rid of any ads on your landing page, and that you change your colors to match the mobile market.

Visually Appealing

Your landing page design should be visually appealing. You want to create a design that creates a strong impression of your brand. Your landing page design should match your company culture and personality.

Include Contact Page

If your visitors can’t find a way to contact you, then they’ll be less likely to read through everything you offer on your landing page. A good way to make it easy to contact you is to create a landing page that has all the information on the same page as your call-to-action button. It’s best to create a button or link that is as simple and obvious as possible. If a person clicks on your button, it should automatically send them to your main contact page.

In Summary

Not everyone who visits your landing page will take the action you want them to. But, just as it can take just one person clicking on your landing page to lead to a sale, it can take just one person taking your call-to-action to complete a purchase.

So, don’t be discouraged if one of your visitors takes the action that you want them to. Remember that the best thing you can do is to always be tracking and analyzing how your customers are using your landing pages.