Eight Things That Make A Web Design Outstanding

Eight Things That Make A Web Design Outstanding

Have you ever wondered what makes a website so great? Yes, I know. I have.

Although you may get a lot of visitors to your website every month, it doesn’t mean that your site is exceptional. Your own traffic can be purchased. You can have the most ugly website in the world, but get thousands or even thousands of visitors to it every day.

What happens to you when all of them visit your website? Does your website encourage these phone users to browse for longer periods of time? Does it look appealing visually? Will they leave your website within 10 seconds of entering?

It’s important to focus your attention on what you want. Your web site has only 10 seconds to impress visitors. While content is important, this article focuses more on design. You must avoid irritating your customers.

These guidelines will help you get started when designing your website.

1. 1.

It’s very important. Pick a theme, and stick to it. You will use the theme to design your logo, website stationery and email signature. You can also use a unique logo you’ve created to inspire your site. It is impossible to look more professional than a website without a logo.

2. 2.

Structure is key to a good web design. Unstructured web designs can lead to confusion. If your website doesn’t have a good flow or structure, visitors will tend to focus on the wrong things.

Your design should always be used to draw attention to the content. Articles can have the greatest impact on website visitors.

3. Navigation

You must ensure that your website is easy for visitors to navigate. It is important that people find what they need on your site easily. If not, they may leave.

Every page should have a clearly visible navigation menu. You should have links to every page of your website. When determining how your web pages flow, it is important to consider the thought process of your visitors.

4. 4.

Colour can be used to evoke emotions. Design and colour are personal things. You can’t please everyone. You can visualize what impression your visitors will have when they first visit your website.

A professional, clean design is better than a cluttered, overloaded website with lots of colours and images. You can manage children’s birthday parties by having a vibrant website.

Your web design should be carefully chosen to use colour as a way of influencing your potential clients and customers.

5. 5.

Your web site must be balanced between content and images. It is personal preference. When you are looking for images, you should consider what effect you wish to produce. Make sure you use the highest quality images possible. They are easier to use and will increase the credibility of your website.

6. 6. Background

Your background should make it easy for visitors to see your articles. A dark background with navy text doesn’t make much sense, now does it? White text on a background of bright yellow is also not logical. You shouldn’t stray from this design rule.

7. Flash

Flash websites or animated sites can make a great impression. It can also be very annoying if the flash intro is not engaging. It is a good idea to reduce the flash content on your website if the Flash intro takes too long to load or your visitor is not flash-enabled. Flash can have the opposite effect on visitors. However, search engines are unable to crawl flash sites. Search engines won’t rank your web site as highly if it is flashy.

8. 8.

You may also choose to use templates. Although I wouldn’t recommend a business owner using templates for their web design, there are some great designs out there.

You should consider the cringe factor when using a template. Before you use a template, get honest feedback from your friends, family members and colleagues. You can always try something else if they find it too costly.

It is important to remember that your website should communicate your identity, your values, and your professional brand. Your business website is its online identity. Your website design should reflect your brand’s unity and not detract from it.

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