With Photoshop, you can add color to photos

With Photoshop, you can add color to photos

Your photo will be alive with color. The most common way we use colors to communicate ideas is by drawing people’s attention.

You can give life and color to a photo if you feel it is too dull. By adding color, you can make your photo artistic. Photoshop allows you to change the appearance of any image.

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to add color to a picture. This tutorial is not going to be too complicated, as I want it to make things easier for beginners.

First, start Photoshop. Next, go to File and then choose Open. After that, select the image you wish to modify.

You can first darken the photo by clicking Image, then choosing Adjustment and then visiting Levels. The dialog box will appear. Next, adjust the slider black to make the image darker.

Then, go in order to the level palette and drag the picture to the Create New Layer icon. Or you can press Ctrl+ J to make it easier. Once you have duplicated the image, change the level to black and white. This will increase the contrast in your picture.

Select Image, then Adjustment. Also choose Hue/ Saturation.

Return to Levels. Simply repeat the steps to darken the image. You can also move the slider around to adjust the settings. Next, set the screen to Screen.

Layer Palette: Click on the app menu to the right. You will see the falldown box. Then, choose Screen.

Today you can clearly see the difference in the picture. Then, create a new level. Next, replace both the background and foreground color with light and blue.

Select the Create New Layer icon from Layer Palette.

Go to the side menu, and then search for 2 squares. Select the square to change the color.

Next, add random clouds to the level.

Click Filter, then select Render. To change the color of the layer to the below level replace the Blending function with Overlay.

Next, go to the Level Palette. If you don’t see the falldown package at all then choose Overlay.

You can then make it one level. To get the result of all layers below, you can flatten it or media CTRL + Alt + Shift +E.

You can flatten the layer of the photo by visiting Layer, then Flatten Image.

Then, adjust the blending mode of the image to soften the light. You can repeat this step to change the blending mode. You can also change the contrast and brightness of the image. Go to Image and select Adjustment. Then, choose Brightness/Contract. Change it whenever you feel that it is perfect.

If you want a better result, experiment with your Photoshop resources and keep practicing.

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