Design Portfolio Online

Design Portfolio Online

If you’re a creator, inventor, or any other person involved in creative industries, you will understand the importance of a professional profile. Your profile is a reflection of the creativity of you, your work and your personal brand.

An excellent profile will help you make contacts, find work on a market that is competitive and finally get a job. However, it is important to have a portfolio for meeting potential customers or interviewing for jobs. In today’s connected world, however, it is becoming more crucial to create a profile website.

Anybody can create a digital profile online and search for you. Potential customers and potential employers will be able to see several pieces of work from you, such as your web address and signatures in your CV. A digital profile allows you to manage your personal brand online. A digital portfolio is easy to make.

BaseKit is an all-in-one site creator that makes it easy for designers to create, manage and host portfolios online. You can now focus on what you will be doing by having everything needed to build a website.

To make your website unique, you will need a custom domain name. BaseKit bundles often include a complimentary domain, so you don’t have to sign up for another site.

Your brand is almost always a good place to start when it comes to a domain name. People will remember your name easily and it’s likely to be the most searched keyword on Google.

BaseKit has over 100 professionally-designed templates to make it easier for you to design your website and focus. BaseKit allows you to modify and personalize existing guides if needed. BaseKit’s unique feature is the possibility to upload your own design from Adobe Photoshop. This can be used for HTML.

Once you have uploaded the work, arrange your pages in a way that guests can see exactly which areas they can find. Keep your website clean and choose the finest examples from your work. Don’t forget about the many widgets that are available with popular web site builders.

BaseKit allows you to link RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook to your website with a simple drag-and-drop. If you are sharing your work with the world, and you want to find out what people think about it, sign up for the chatter.

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