Creative DIY Photo Backdrop

Tired of the usual white backdrop pictures? A colorful background can make your photos pop, and save them from looking dull. You can invest in expert backgrounds or utilize basic textures outdoors or you can create your own DIY image backdrop.

Do It Yourself photo backdrops will give you a great deal of imaginative control and make your images look sensational. From a birthday celebration image shoot to a newborn session, these are helpful anywhere. Here are five easy and affordable DIY image background ideas you can use in your photo studio or in the house shoot.

Easy Curtain Stretch

This is the most inexpensive and simplest DIY photo background concept. All you have to do is extend a curtain away from a window and tape it to a wall. Though this won’t look pretty from a distance, it will look unusual up close.

Taped (Dried) Flowers

Taping flowers to a wall might look like a waste, especially if your photoshoot will last for a long time. Rather of purchasing a fresh bouquet, usage dried flowers. These will develop an intriguing background.

Vibrant Cut-Out Tissue Paper

You can utilize colored tissue paper or any other kind of colored fabric that’s easy to cut. Colored tissue paper is ideal for photos of events, kids, and kids’s items.

Hanging Bed Sheets

Hang some colorful material and shoot away! You do not even need a backdrop mean this. And you can use anything from bed sheets to headscarfs, clothing and even table linens. Yes, plastic tablecloths consisted of.

Paper Chains

Though this is the most time-consuming DIY idea on this list, it’s worth all the tough work. Paper chains will make beautiful foregrounds and backgrounds. You can use these to improve nearly any sort of photo.