Different Types of Website Hosting Services

Different Types of Website Hosting Services

A website hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service which allows organizations and individuals to create their own website accessible through the World Wide Web, usually using a data center. The basic concept behind this kind of service is the organization renting space on servers maintained by a web host provider. This facility is often provided at a comparatively cheaper price as compared to other forms of Internet services.


In the world of the Internet, the most common way of attracting traffic is through the use of web hosting. This method has been very useful for businesses trying to establish an online identity. With the concept of the web hosting, websites are made accessible to people all over the world. Moreover, it allows organizations and individuals to promote their products and services all around the globe. The cost of accessing the web is very low since there is no need to pay for the address space that is needed.


There are two different kinds of Internet services available, namely, dedicated hosting and shared hosting. A dedicated server host acts as the owner of the server that houses the website while the user or client is granted access to the server. It is the responsibility of the host to maintain the machine so that the website appears in all the servers and clients’ browsers.


Dedicated hosting is more cost-effective than shared hosting, especially when it comes to the costs involved in managing the servers and the domain names. The primary benefit of this type of hosting is that the web host company is the one that owns the domain and therefore, the cost of maintenance and operating the website is reduced. The client only pays for the space he uses.


Shared hosting is very similar to dedicated hosting but the difference is that there is no one to maintain the machines. Shared hosting services may be divided into two types: managed and shared hosting. Shared hosting involves several computers on a network that shares resources and domains. However, unlike dedicated hosting wherein there is just one server that houses the website, shared hosting services also have managed servers that are connected to other websites.


For small scale businesses and home online stores, a virtual private server (VPS) can be used for website hosting. This type of service provides the same features as dedicated servers, such as the ability to install software, manage the programs installed, and use the operating system. In addition, virtual private servers are offered at discounted rates when compared to their counterparts. The main advantage of this type of hosting is that it allows the owner to control his website very precisely since the entire process is under the control of the owner.


One type of Internet service provider (ISP) that offers dedicated server hosting is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is an Internet service offering that makes use of the Internet to provide servers that are not attached to any particular Internet connection. This makes use of the Internet as a resources-efficient substitute to physical infrastructure. Cloud hosting servers are usually offered by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at affordable prices, making it easy for webmasters to install and maintain websites.


Web site owners who want to have a secure shared hosting environment for their websites should consider using a domain registration service. By using a domain registration service, webmasters will be able to mark their domain names as trusted, so they won’t be accessible to anyone else. Webmasters can transfer their domains from one domain registration service to another when they feel the need to, but domain registration is free. Moreover, domain registration and hosting plans are offered at affordable prices by a number of companies.

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