Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, and Other Platforms Explored

Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, and Other Platforms Explored

Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, and Other Platforms Explored

Social media marketing, social media targeting, and social media advertising are all different types of terms which are utilized to describe specific types of internet marketing strategies. Marketing strategies are continuously evolving and growing more sophisticated in order to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. One type of strategy that is used by many companies is the use of social media marketing. The marketing strategy revolves around social media networks such as MySpace, Twitter, Face Book, and YouTube.


The purpose of this type of social media advertising is to create a consistent sales record each and every day. How does this impact your company? It does impact you as a company because it allows you to promote your products or services in a manner that the consumer can actually interact with you and build a relationship with you. A great example of how this can work is through the use of YouTube. YouTube is a website that allows anyone to create and upload videos that can be viewed by the public. Therefore, if a consumer searches for a particular product or service and they find a video that interests them, then the search engine will pull up that video.


If the video that pulls up has a high viewer rating, then they may end up watching the advertisement. In some cases, the viewer may even click on the ad to learn more about the product or service offered by that particular company. For ecommerce businesses, the use of video advertisements via social media advertising can provide you with a means of advertising your company without spending a great deal of money on expensive television commercials. However, in order to be successful with this form of advertising, you have to carefully select the most popular social platforms.


The two most popular platforms when it comes to social advertising are YouTube and Twitter. Both of these platforms provide excellent opportunities for internet marketers to advertise their companies and reach a large number of viewers. YouTube is one of the most well-known and popular of the two. Many internet users search YouTube for various purposes, and if your advertisement is featured in a video that receives a lot of views, it can help increase the visibility of your business. In addition to having a video advertised on YouTube, you can also opt to have an image advertisement sponsored by a company that is an affiliate of YouTube. This type of advertising will not cost you any money, but will be managed by the company who promotes your advertisement.


Twitter is another highly popular platform when it comes to media advertising. Twitter offers advertisers a unique opportunity to track their return campaigns over time. Twitter offers advertisers the ability to track the performance of their campaigns across different demographics. This makes it easier for you to determine whether or not your advertising is effective. Since Twitter uses a hash tag format, it can be difficult to track the effectiveness of an ad campaign. However, if you spend the necessary amount of time, you can easily measure the results of your marketing campaigns through the metrics provided by this particular platform.


Facebook has recently begun allowing users to interact with advertisements through Facebook pages. This new feature, called promoted tweets, makes it easier for businesses to engage their audience. Users can “like” or “follow” a business’s page and get updates when new information regarding a specific product or service is created. Businesses can use these social media websites to promote new products, encourage engagement, and garner support for their campaigns. These types of campaigns are typically short term and can yield substantial ROI.


Google is currently the largest search engine and the largest platform for online media advertising. Google AdWords, which is Google’s in-house brand for ad campaigns, is currently the only externally supported service that is offered exclusively through the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). External services, which includes Google’s in-house AdWords and DPM product line, are quickly becoming the standard for online media advertising. Although AdWords is not affiliated with Facebook, Google AdSense, and Twitter, each of these platforms provide advertisers with similar return on investment opportunities.


The best way for businesses to capitalize on the current state of online media advertising and create long-term, high return on investment opportunities is to use multiple website and social media options. Integrating multiple advertising formats will allow businesses to gain the best ROI and create a larger customer base. For example, if a business has an account with Google AdSense, then they should also have an AdWords account. If they have an internal blog, they should have a Twitter account. All of these websites and applications should be integrated with one another in order to maximize traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

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