Facebook Fanpages – 3 Ways To Drive Traffic Revealed

Social marketing is a large buzz word currently as more-and-more companies and marketers are looking for approaches to make use of the huge audience that’s seemingly available with Facebook. Have you looked at ways to drive traffic with Facebook Fanpages?

There a wide range of methods to generate buzz with Facebook, there a wide range of firms that are doing just that including Coke, Starbucks and Oreo, in order to name some.
Here are three ways that can be done exactly that:

Build an information page

Create information that is strongly related your audience so that you will have them interested. Give them information that they cannot find elsewhere and you may discover that more and more people not merely call at your site, however they will become referring your page with their friends. The more you offer which is on their behalf the greater buzz you are going to create

Be unique

With over 500 million people to reach out to, you can’t assume which they will be drawn to any thing. Don’t just offered a fanpage in the interests of it – take a moment and look at the content that you might want to get around the page. Look at what others inside your market / niche are going to do, and try and do something similar, though a new twist. Ensure that you are using the same sort of branding when you do inside rest of your marketing.

Create Fun

Competitions and giveaways always get peoples attention. By offering something at no cost you are generating interest – and in turn you’ll drive a ton of traffic.

These are a couple of the ways you can drive traffic with Facebook Fanpages. Have a look at the other marketers do is the social marketing arena, and get started with your own personal Facebook Fanpage today!