Find the Best Free Website Builder

Find the Best Free Website Builder

This is the best free website builder out there, but which is best for you? I’ve seen them all claim their ‘best’ features as being among the best on the market, so who can you trust? The fact is, that no two websites are exactly alike, even if they are built by the same company or developer. The fact is, that many of the features offered by a website builder aren’t needed unless you want them. So how does a website maker decide what is best for its users?

Find the Best Free Website Builder


Your best free website builder should have solid design capabilities. Remember, your end goal is to create a site that will generate sales for your business. If you’re just building a basic website to show off to your friends then forget about design capabilities – you’ll have plenty of time to invest in other aspects of your online business. Wix, for example, has excellent design capabilities, and it’s a very affordable site builder. If you’re looking for a good website design program you can’t go wrong with Wix.


E-commerce capability – not a must, but definitely a good feature to look for when you’re looking for your best free website builder. Some online store owners don’t want to sell products on their website, but if you have an online store, you will need to accept credit cards and process payments online. Your online store is where your visitors will come to, so it makes sense to include a secure checkout system to make transactions easier to manage. Shopify is a highly respected e-commerce platform that includes an ecommerce shopping cart, which allows you to offer your shoppers products and services without creating a web store. You may also want to consider having a guestbook or blog for your visitors to visit.


Constant Contact – The best part about having your own online store is the ability to build it yourself. Since your website will be constantly changing, it’s important to incorporate a system for keeping in touch with your customers. Most e-commerce systems allow you to set up a custom e-mail autoresponder for sending out information about sales, product changes, and website changes. This is one of the most important components of your free-plan, and it should be considered an integral part of your free website builder. It’s a great way to grow your customer base and get more information about your business.


Flexibility – Web builders differ based on your needs. Some builders are built to be very flexible and allow you to build websites that change with your goals in mind. On the other hand, some builders are built strictly to have pre-defined designs that you can work with, often using templates to help you achieve pre-determined results. If your goal is to launch several websites over the course of several months, the best free website builders will be flexible enough to let you do so while still providing you with the control you need to stay on track.


Domain Names – If your goal is to have a professional look and feel for your online store, you’ll also want to purchase a good domain name. A good domain name is one of the single most important elements in your website, because it represents the unique identity you will give your online store. Having a professionally designed domain name with a good SEO strategy is essential, or else you’ll face difficulties trying to rank well for certain keywords or phrases. Most online stores start selling after they’ve built their website and a domain name, so the right domain name is vital to your success. The best free website builder software allows you to buy a domain name and have it professionally designed.


E-commerce Solution – Even if you have a simple online store, you’ll still want to find the best free website builders to help you make it work. Some e-commerce solutions include shopping carts, secure credit card transactions, shopping reviews, and other advanced features. Others don’t offer any of these but will still allow you to build an online store with a few mouse clicks. To figure out what e-commerce solution is right for you, take a look at the online store that you’re going to build and read some of the online customer reviews to see how popular the store is and what kind of features it offers.


Hosting Plan – Finally, before you go through the trouble of finding website builders that are right for your needs, make sure that you’re getting a good hosting plan. Some website builders are only concerned with building sites for themselves, so you’ll have to pay more to host your sites with them. Make sure that you’re aware of how much bandwidth and storage your hostgator plan offers, because this is an important factor in deciding which website builder you should use.

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