How to Build Your Small Business Website

How to Build Your Small Business Website

How to Build Your Small Business Website

Google officially released its Google My Business website builder in Google Business last week, to help small companies easily create professional-looking websites, particularly for those who do not yet have their own site. According to a Google Business Help forum on Wednesday, June 14, many questions were asked about this new feature of Google. People were confused as to why it is so useful to small businesses. Below are some of their answers.


The main reason why small business owners should consider this is because it offers them many SEO benefits, and this is especially helpful for companies with just one location. For instance, a local small business owner may not think about SEO, but he/she will need to optimize his/her website for local traffic to get the best results from paid advertising. The solution is to hire a local online marketing company and let them do the SEO for you, which could save you money, time, and a headache. With this SEO tool, it becomes easy for you to design your own website designs.


Another reason is because you only need to invest less for your business hours because you only have to invest for the time and tools you need to use for your website designs and maintenance. SEO experts suggest that a business owner should have around three days for an SEO audit and Google My Business Builder, which mean that you can get great SEO results in a short period of time and you won’t spend more than three days for the process. This is very beneficial for you and your pocketbook.


Some other questions that business owners ask are if there is an option to choose the header photo for the Google My Business Builder, or if they have to upload their own photos. In fact, there are two ways to customize your Google My Business Builder homepage. You can either upload your own headers, or you can also choose from the many pre-made headers available. This is very helpful especially for business owners who are working with a limited budget and have limited space for their website. They can choose among the many headers and change their Google My Business Builder page names as well as their landing page names without spending a single cent.


One question that website designers often ask is whether or not the Google My Business Builder allows customers to switch their Google profile to another service like Google Places, Google Finance, Google Maps, Google Translate, etc. The answer is yes! As long as you have an unlimited number of service accounts, you can switch between these services at any time. There are also cases when some clients want to switch from one business profile to another. Since you don’t have to start from zero, you are free to enjoy the switch.


Google My Business Builder is not only beneficial to small businesses; large organizations also find great benefits in using the Google My Business Builder. If you belong to large organizations, you know the hassle of managing a number of accounts. You may also find it tiresome to log on to your various accounts to do follow ups or repairs. Since the Google My Business Builder is an online website builder, you don’t have to deal with so many things. You just need to set up your Google account and you are done. Switch between your different accounts anytime without having to manage the accounts all at once.


Now that you know how powerful Google My Business Builder is, you should also know how it can help you get started with local SEO. With Google My Business Builder, you will not only be able to get started with local SEO but you will also be able to get started with search engine optimization for your local area. There are a number of free guides and online tools available that can help you with search engine optimization for local websites but there are some better ones that include videos, web hosting reviews, tips, and tutorials, and even free tools for testing out different strategies that can help you get started with search engine optimization for local listings. Check out the google-my-business guide and search engine optimization tools and resources and see what they can do for you.


The only thing left now is for you to sign up for the free account and get started. With the help of Google My Business Builder, you won’t have to worry about anything else since everything is already taken care of. You can easily get started with your local SEO campaign after finishing the sign up process. The guide even includes a brief video that will show you how to properly use the Google tools and the website builder. So if you are a small business owner who wants your business to have a local presence, try Google My Business Builder.

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