How to Create Your DIY Photo Studio On A Budget

How to Create Your DIY Photo Studio On A Budget

Are you looking to set up a small home studio but are not able to afford a lot of money?

Do you dream of owning your very own home studio, but have been frustrated by the high cost? You don’t have to worry; help is on the way. You will only need an area where you can take photos and standard equipment. These ideas will get you started in no time.

1. 1.
Check to see if anyone is selling or updating their used house studio equipment. My first lighting setup, which was a Courtenay set of studio lights, I bought in the following way. Also, take a look to see if any additional devices are available like flash meters or synchronization cables.

2. 2.
For very little cost, you can make your own backgrounds

Tie-dye a 9-foot x 9-foot sheet of muslin (remember the grand-dad t shirts from the 1960s? For a stunning, expert-looking background.
Get a canvas sheet (size as above) and color that– this will be heavy and will require a great deal of color.
You can find great deals on eBay.

3. 3.
Natural light is often the most effective, affordable and cost-effective lighting source. You can use voile for a diffused or direct light to achieve more impressive results.

A piece of cardboard, silver foil and white paper can be used to make a cheap reflector. Use spray adhesive. Use the spray adhesive to attach the foil on the one-side of the cardboard. The white paper can be adhered to the opposite side.

The light can be bounced off the reflector and used as a fill or second light. This was how I built my first reflectors before I ever bought another set.

5. Find INEXPENSIVE Lights
A costly lighting system is not necessary for your home studio.

Interfit Equipment is low-cost but joyful and does the job.
Search eBay once more for a Studio Package.
If you are able to find it, the Nissin package 340T is a great setup. You get 2 hot-shoe flashes as well as a primary swivelhead system and a smaller set head fill system.

These are some suggestions for DIY projects:

Make your history.
You can be a bounce reflector.
Make a softbox out of an old cardboard box. Use silver foil and muslin to make it. Spray adhesive is used.
You can build a table for still life.

You can create a studio house with very little money if you believe outside the box. This isn’t your ideal studio. It will let you practice your skills and improve them. As you improve your studio techniques, you’ll be able to receive commissions that you can use to upgrade your set-up.

Obviously all of us imagine a function developed studio fitted out with professional equipment– however for those simply starting this might be an enjoyable weekend task.

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