10 Easy Blog Design Tips

10 Easy Blog Design Tips

It is hard to be noticed among all the blogs out there. These simple and practical tips will help you make your blog look more appealing and interesting.

1. 2.
Your blog should be clear to anyone who visits it. You can accomplish this by using what is called a “blog site banner,”this is your blog title. It describes the purpose of your blog.

2. Simpler is better
You have many design options that you can incorporate into your blog, including widgets and typefaces as well as eye-catching colors. However, it is easy to go overboard with your personal style. Keep things simple and clean to avoid this. Simpler pages are easier to use and more appealing than busy ones.

3. Whitespace
Graphic designers use whitespace to create space between texts/articles and stories on websites. Whitespace can add a touch of elegance to any blog website. Be sure to identify the design elements that you have included to your site.

4. Usage Compatible Colors
Do not use too many bright, clashing colours on your blog. Instead choose one that appeals to the eye. Excessive use of bright colors can cause readers to leave a site.

5. Location Important Information On Top
Your most critical elements should be included “above the fold,”The top-half of your site is visible so that readers are able to see it immediately after they visit your page. It can contain your email address and membership information, as well as links.

6. 6.
It is easy to market your website, your brand, or your service by creating a banner that you can customize for your blog.

7. Check Your Font Size
Too much or too little text can cause eye irritation. Make sure your copy is appropriate in size and easy to read.

8. 8.
Photos are a favorite of everyone, so make sure to include photos on your blog. Pictures make reading more enjoyable, so ensure that you include pictures to entertain your visitors.

9. 9.Do a Usability Test
Your friends or family members can log on to your blog and check that everything is working properly. This includes checking whether the site loads correctly, how the graphics and style look, and so forth. They can also give feedback regarding your pages.

10. Check Blog In Different Internet Browsers
Blogs appear in different ways on each browser. This is why it’s so important that you test your site with a variety of browsers.

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