Mobile web design – top 10 tips for designing a great mobile website

Mobile web design – top 10 tips for designing a great mobile website

The process of designing mobile sites is quite different than that for desktop websites. There are numerous challenges to mobile web design, including the fact that there is no standard browser that works with all types of mobile devices. A mobile website design should also consider screen size. Here are the top ten best mobile website design tips.

Take into account the mobile device – Although they have fewer boundaries than PCs like no mouse or small screens, mobile devices also come with features such as a telephone, camera, and SMS. These must be considered when creating your mobile website.

Because mobile customers tend to be impatient, and browse differently to desktop users, many would prefer to have quick access to smaller articles.

Keep it simple.As a guidebook, seventy five words per page is an ideal limit. Make navigation as straightforward as you can. Users will need fewer clicks to get the information they desire. People won’t be able to submit lengthy forms.

Speed is the real kingFlash animation, large images, and flash video can slow down your site. If you’re able, avoid them. Function is more important than color when it comes to mobile websites.

Use it!Consider what is most important to your audience, and what are they looking for when they’re on the scene.

It should be appropriateMobile phones are very different. If your website isn’t properly coded, it may look fantastic on one device but not on the other. Check that your site works on every phone.

Selecting your websiteUse URL to increase your search engine rank and to make your website easier to find.

Advertise the siteYou must ensure that potential customers can access your website. SEO is essential. Pay attention to paid listings and directory submissions.

AnalyseGoogle Analytics is a valuable analysis tool. You can evaluate the mobile website and then continue to improve it.

Don’t overspendStart simple and your ROI will be much higher.

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