Four Must-Have Mobile Website Design Features

Four Must-Have Mobile Website Design Features

Designing a mobile site is not the same as designing a desktop computer. While some people are capable of designing and developing websites, it is not the same as creating a mobile website. It will be difficult to access the internet from a mobile device due to the small screen size, as well as the user’s phone. Here are the details:

A cell phone is considered to be the best customer communication device. It has limitations, but they are less than your computer. Customers are in a situation where they can access the internet from their street location. You don’t have the time to browse the web as fast as you would at home. The person who is actively searching the net for information that is relevant to his immediate needs, may be called a “person on the move”.

These differences aside, here are 4 components that should be included in mobile website design.

Contact us by calling

Your clients need to be able to access relevant information as quickly and easily as possible when they are using their cell phones. They will most likely need a way to reach you right now as the first thing. They might be on the move and not be able to remember or write down your phone number. It’s better to call your number and use the button to contact you on the website.

If you are a restaurant that serves pizza, this button would be helpful on your house page. This button should be placed on your house page if you are a dentist. This function should be prominent and easy to locate.


If someone wants to locate your business, it is often crucial that they have a Google Map. While they may be able read an address from your site, they will find it much faster if you can show them exactly where your business is located in relation to another street or area. You should consider the user’s needs when developing your mobile site.

Driving directions

Although it may seem obvious, many businesses fail to make it easy for customers to access driving instructions via their web sites. Customers shouldn’t have to go to another website to obtain driving instructions. You can do it right now.

Auto redirect to a PC website

It is possible to make your mobile website identify whether your customer uses a PC or mobile device. Your customer should have an enjoyable experience using your business. The web site must be accessible via a desktop computer. For the mobile web, a mobile website must be developed.

Let’s sum it up: Before you add the necessary features to your existing site, take advantage of this opportunity and build your own mobile website. Instead of trying to do it yourself, hire a professional mobile website designer who is skilled in creating custom mobile websites.

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