Creative Photography Tricks With Shutter Speed

Creative photography tricks are great for adding that professional look to your photos. Once you learn the way to perform a handful of these tricks, you will see a great improvement in your photos. Learning how you can stop action is an incredible skill you’ll use over and over again within your photography.

There are only a few ways to make this happen – only 1 if you use an easy point-and-shoot camera.
This first method works best for both DSLR user and also the point-and-shoot. Match your movement in your subject. This is called PANNING. Panning is to physically try to move the body and also hardwearing subject within the viewfinder mainly because it moves by. This is done in the smooth fashion, never jerky.

For example, had you been wanting to photograph an athlete inside a track meet, you’ll lock your viewfinder onto him a good 50ft before he extends to you. Then, using a smooth body-twisting motion, follow him in your viewfinder until he’s right where you would like him and gently squeeze the button to look at picture while still moving.

The result, in case you got it right, could be that the runner are usually in sharp focus though the background can be really blurred due for your motion. This is a fantastic creative photography trick that you can now master after a little practice.

Another strategy to stop action requires a camera that will vary its shutter speed. A digital single-lens reflex camera would do just fine. When you can affect the speed of the shutter there is an capability to stop action. That’s exactly how high-speed cameras work to show a water droplet falling or those crash test dummy shots. High speed refers to high shutter speed.

On a DSLR camera, shutter speeds of 1/4000 second or faster are possible. Typically, most photos are taken in the 1/100-1/250 second range. However, when you enhance your shutter speed what you can do to freeze the action increases.

For example, utilizing the same situation using the track runner, but a better shutter speed of say 1/1000 second, rather than the need to pan to maintain the topic in focus you could just wait until he was within the proper position and squeeze the shutter. The odds in such cases less complicated greater that the subject can be in sharp focus because it’s not complicated with the help of your individual body motion for the mix.

Another benefit of while using high shutter speed creative photography trick is both your subject along with the background are in focus. Compare this with panning where this issue is within focus however the background is blurred. Whatever effect you desire, a chance to alter shutter speed may add a new dimension and quality in your creative photography.