Restaurant Menu Design: What Not To Do!

It is vital to pay attention to both pricing and design when considering your restaurant menu and promotional materials. The menu and promotional products will be the first impression of prospective clients. Client’s most important priority is often the prices in your menu, but designing paper materials well will probably get their minds off their budget.

Don’t cram everything to the menu

Have separate menus to your drinks and desserts. These items can get lost with your main menu, and often will have more attention on their own — especially with photos.

Don’t build your menu look like a price list

This type of menu allows customers that compares prices on all your menu items, thus unintentionally highlighting all your lower-priced items. Instead, embed the retail price in to the description of one’s menu item. Don’t highlight it, or ensure it is another color. Bottom line, you don’t want to attract attention to the cost.

Don’t use a menu that’s out of date

Update your menu regularly, preferably to suit the different seasons featuring fresh foods. Keep all of your signature dishes and customer favorites, but try out new menu items beginning with supplying them as appetizers. If they get good reviews, then allow it to be an entree on your own next menu revision.

Don’t forget your brand

Make sure that your restaurant’s logo and logo appear frequently on the menu, knowning that the menu is cohesive with the rest of your respective operation including decor, uniforms, other promotional materials, etc.

Don’t overcharge

Ensure how the prices you charge are competitive to restaurants in your area. It’s better to raise your drink prices and minimize the meat prices if you need to have more customers, as is also more prone to scrutinize the cost from the food instead of the beverages.

Don’t put too many items about the menu

Your menu should not read like a book. One with the biggest mistakes that restaurant and food service owners and operators make is usually to try and put lots of items around the menu to try and please everyone.