Take Advantage of Free Online Marketing Courses Available at the Academy

Take Advantage of Free Online Marketing Courses Available at the Academy

An Internet Marketing Course is perhaps one of the best investments you can make to your business. The list here contains several free online marketing courses on various topics and disciplines. If you enjoy digging into one topic in particular, here is a short table of contents to assist you in moving to the section that is most pertinent to you: Available by: Skillshed. Offered by: Adobe. Offered by: Autodesk.

Take Advantage of Free Online Marketing Courses Available at the Academy


A variety of other Internet Marketing Courses are available at no charge. Most of these are available for free and just charge to register. The free courses listed here are offered by some of the biggest names in education, including Kaplan, Quickbooks, Learning Center, and icontact. The courses listed here are offered to educate, train and guide you in online marketing. Each of the courses has prerequisites and after successfully completing the course, you will be provided with a credential.


Two of the free online marketing courses I recommend are the Free Marketing Analytics Courses from Udemy and the Affiliate University. The Udemy course is easy to navigate and provides clear instructions. Although there is a small price tag attached to this course, the instructors are very prompt and supportive. The instructor is veteran affiliate marketer Andy Davidson. He provides an excellent training and support to help you every step of the way. He will teach you about traffic generation and affiliate marketing through free online marketing courses.


The Affiliate University is a university offering over 44 free marketing courses to educate you in the newest techniques in online marketing and digital media. There are many subjects offered in this program such as keyword research, search engine optimization, web content writing, PPC and SEO, email marketing, social media optimization, viral marketing, blogging, and much more. This program also allows you to network with other students in your class. One thing I like about this school is that they encourage you to post your blog and articles on their site for others to read and learn from. The instructor at this school is Matt Fitzgerald. He is an experienced professional in digital marketing.


In the Free Marketing Analytics course material, you will be given a thorough introduction to key terms and their definitions, and you will be shown how to interpret the data. Once you have learned the material, you will be able to analyze your own and others’ website data to improve your website’s conversions. The course material also teaches you how to implement the analytic information in your web pages. The content is presented in a step-by-step format with videos and PDF documents so you don’t have to worry about reading the dry text. You will also get a comprehensive list of URL links and codes to help you with your conversion goals.


There are several free online marketing courses covering topics such as digital marketing training strategies, search engine optimization, link building, and more. They teach the latest digital marketing technologies including Google Analytics and other tracking software to boost your conversion optimization strategy. The curriculum offered by these academies is diverse and unique. This means that you will have access to experts from different industries who have made their careers studying these new technologies. They are well-versed in the latest online marketing trends and methods of promoting products and services.


Another benefit of the free marketing courses offered at the academy is the skill level required to be successful with these activities. Everyone starts at a skill level that is appropriate for his or her level of experience in online marketing. You don’t start off with extensive training and end up being a novice. Beginners can easily be absorbed by this free curriculum because they just need enough information to get by until they have mastered all the topics. A beginner will learn the basic skills necessary to create and maintain a profitable online business and master the different aspects of the digital world.


Once you have a basic knowledge of the topics covered and you feel ready to move on to the more complex topics, there are advanced Google Analytics courses also offered. These courses are more comprehensive than the free basic curriculum and cover topics like social media, affiliate marketing, ecommerce and many more. If you need any more information about the courses offered, contact the Google Analytics Academy and their support team are always open to answer your queries. The curriculum offered is very complete and the instructors are experienced. So if you want to become successful online, you should definitely consider enrolling at the Google Analytics Academy.

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