20 Tips for Successful Website Design

When I look at some popular blogs, they have comparable features. Their blog site designs all look good, cool, professional and easy to browse. We can not reject that a good and attractive style adds trustworthiness to a site and it’s constantly helpful to make a great impression.

So if you are planning to produce a blog site and do affiliate marketing. Listed are 20 Tips to Make a Visually Appealing Blog Design

1. It’s vital to think carefully about your niche market before investing it.
2. I recommend that you do a thorough keyphrase research, using tools like Google Adword.
3. Choose, If possible, your own domain name which includes your keywords or search term, and use dashes to discover each keyword, as opposed to one long, challenging to decipher website name: as opposed to “”, choose “”. And it’s strongly suggested which you select a.com domain.
4. Try to be a professional at, and become enthusiastic about what you write. Readers has decided to realise it, for those who have just a vague knowledge of that which you talk about.
5. When designing your site, be selective in the plugins you choose, and when possible, keep your number as a result of a nominal amount, because way too many plugins might improve the loading duration of your site, understanding that could be detrimental.
6. Utilise images, but be aware that too much use of images also can slow down the performance of your blog post, as much as loading time is involved.
7. Do not clutter your sidebars.
8. Optimise your site for search engines like yahoo – there’re numerous plugins where you’ll be able to elect to initiate the optimisation process.
9. Personalise your About Me page as best as possible.
10. Consider including Feedburner and RSS feed in your blog design.
11. Promote your website by writing and submitting posts on other blogs. Be mindful that excessive posting on irrelevant blogs could be counter productive. Read articles and posts, by leaving comments.
12. Join forums such as Warrior and Webring, and writing and submitting articles sites like EzineArticles.
13. Write and submit articles on Wikihow, Hubpages, eHow, Digg, Squidoo and Technorati.
14. Utilise the strength of facebook marketing. If you don’t have one, open accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
15. Don’t forget to moderate your comments and when required, respond to them promptly.
16. Visit your commenter’s site, if they have one, and reciprocate the commenting. It all really helps to construct your traffic.
17. Link not just to your property page, but to the inner pages also, because that enhances your PageRank.
18. Monetize your blog post. The most popular ones are Google AdSense and Amazon aStore.
19. Start online marketing – Commission Junction and OneNetworkDirect will be the popular ones, as well as ebooks and digital products, ClickBank is perhaps one of the best.
20. Finally, exercise some patience. Keep in mind that it can take time for you to build traffic so because of this start making money, if that’s one of the objectives.

Wishing you every success!