Types of Marketing Media

Types of Marketing Media

Digital marketing media is an expanding term which includes several technologies that can help an advertiser to reach their audience. These are primarily through online websites, social networks, mobile apps, e-mail marketing, TV ads, etc. It is all about reaching a targeted audience. Below are some common types of digital marketing media that you might want to consider when building your online business.


Digital marketing experts often combine the Internet with traditional methods of advertising, such as television commercials and radio ads. With digital marketing, you can also add audio and video elements to your campaign, which is beneficial because not everyone is on a computer or has access to a smartphone. These digital technologies help in providing instant feedback. Digital marketing media can include promotional materials and adverts sent through the Internet, smart phones, tablets, digital billboards, and social networking.


The Internet has become the backbone of today’s business. In fact, it is considered to be the “wonder engine” of the world. For this reason, digital marketing media include e-marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, mobile marketing, webinars, pay per click, SEO, PPC, organic search, banner ads, text link ads, etc. The term also encompasses sending promotional materials and videos with televisions, computers, buses, stores, waiting rooms, and conference areas, i.e. places where many people stand still for some time or in long lines.


Internet content delivery network or CDN is a new form of high-speed broadband internet delivery which provides distributed services to Internet users. This helps in reducing latency and packet loss, which are two major factors for sluggishness in traditional dial-up connection. CDN uses latest technologies like TCP/IP, IP Sec VPN, SSL/TLS, L2TP/IPsec, ICMP, etc. to transmit web content over IP networks.


It is also known as social media marketing, online reputation management, online advertising, online branding, social media marketing, and Web presence building. These processes have increased the scope and impact of the professionals involved in this field. It is a great source of revenue and has many benefits. It helps marketers gain visibility for their brands, products, services, information, blogs, e-books, etc. It helps them in creating a positive buzz about their offerings and also helps them in gaining leads and feedback from the audience. Thus, these web-based applications form an integral part of the marketing mix of all marketers, regardless of their field of activity.


It can include both search engine optimization and paid advertising on search engines. SEO is the process of optimizing websites through link building, keyword research, link building, and content submissions. Paid advertising is a form of internet content marketing, which includes display advertising, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion in search results. The two-way communication of SEO and paid advertising to make it a very effective medium to promote businesses of different sizes and sectors at all stages of the internet marketing cycle.


With an increasing number of people using search-engine to find out about various products and services, online marketing has become very competitive. The competition is further increased when you look at the large number of websites that are available on the internet. In this scenario, it becomes very important for a marketer to get ahead of the competition by using the most appropriate techniques and strategies. Internet marketing is a process of buying low and selling high, hence the motto of a good SEO. SEO professionals know how to buy cheap and sell high. They work towards improving the ranking of websites, and if done properly and skillfully, can lead to a high traffic volume for websites.


Digital marketing tools such as video production and streaming video options have become popular with web marketers. A lot of time, money and effort are required while conducting a successful advertising campaign. Nevertheless, with the help of digital marketing tools like flash videos, a marketer can advertise their products and services and reach an international audience within a stipulated period of time. This is one of the best mediums of digital marketing communication. Apart from the business-oriented companies, this media is also used by social media sites to promote themselves.

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