Using Clean Website Design Elements

Using Clean Website Design Elements

Clean Website Design is important for your business, because a visitor to your site has only a few seconds to glance at your web pages. The longer a visitor stays on your web page the less likely they are going to make a purchase or request more information. A cluttered site with a confusing interface tends to keep users off your page for longer periods of time, reducing conversion rates and slowing loading time. Having the proper page design can increase your conversion rates. Having a clean website design also helps keep customer information organized.


Clean websites are appealing and informative because they are well designed, intuitive, and minimalistic. A clean website design helps to keep users optimal attention and reduce cognitive workload by minimizing visual clutter. Minimumistic design elements such as font size and typeface design also help reduce confusion.


Minimalistic Website Elements Many websites have a very clear navigation structure that involves a main body section, then sub-sections of content like sub-topics, footer, and other internal or external links. With a minimalist page design the layout becomes clear which increases the opportunity for visitors to focus on the main elements. With clean website design the background of your main content area will always be the same, making it easier to remember what you are looking at. A minimalist grid system is also very effective in making it easy to navigate. You could use a grid system for internal links and page levels.


Web Page Spacing When using a grid system for your web-page elements you want to make sure that the spacing is uniform across the width and height of your content area. In addition to making it obvious where everything begins and stops you also want to make certain that the spacing does not obscure important content areas. This is where the careful use of content breaks is very useful. The content within a page can be broken down into logical groups, such as by subject, date, time, or category. Using commas or spaces between the groups will help your visitors to focus on each sub-group or topic they want to follow.


Clean Webpage Imagery When using imagery in your clean website design you want to make sure that the images are high quality and that they compliment or enhance the colors or theme you are using. The images should be large enough to be clearly visible yet small enough so that they do not take over the whole page. It is best to choose imagery that complements the colors and overall design of the page. You could use a photo of your kitchen or perhaps a picture of your cat, which would look great on a cat or kitten web page.


White Space Black spaces or ‘widen spaces’ can ruin the clarity of your clean design. They can also make it harder to read text. Anytime you have a lot of white space, it is considered ‘white space’. You may consider using a background image or style with the content, but you want to ensure that it is easily read. In most cases, you would not want to use this because you are better off without using any white space.


Mouseover Effects If your clean website design uses any images or bold text with bold letters then you want to make sure that the mouseover effects do not cause the images or text to overlap. There are times when this happens and you are left wondering what happened. When you add images to an area it may appear as if there are too many, but when you use a simple black and white border then it will be easy to see the images and text that you want to click. Most times you can use drop shadows and other nice mouseover effects so that everything fits together.


Use Images in the Context of Your Design Elements Sometimes images can be added to a clean design and it can look great. However, some people don’t know how to place them in the correct places. In this case you can find tutorials on the Internet that will show you how to place images so that they will look great in the design elements of your site. It is important to make sure that the images are the same size in the design elements so that everything looks uniform.

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