Web Design And Development: What Is The Difference?

Web Design And Development: What Is The Difference?

Web design and development are basically an umbrella phrase that covers the whole process of developing a website. As the name implies, it includes two main skill sets: web design and development. Since there is not always a clear demarcation between these two roles, the names are frequently used interchangeably. However, a difference does exist. While web design refers to the aesthetic look of the site and development deals with the functionality, this does not mean that the processes are the same.

Web Design And Development: What Is The Difference?


Back-end developers are responsible for creating the back-end functionality of websites. This means they have to implement all functionalities such as shopping carts, data collection management systems, online payment systems and email systems. The primary job of a back-end designer is to analyze various technologies and choose the most suitable one for each project. Usually, they start with a basic idea for the website and they then use it as a starting point to develop the entire back-end.


In contrast, the front-end developers are primarily responsible for creating the visual designs or images of a web page. They are also responsible for coding the HTML and other interactive features of the page. The skills required for both web design and back-end development are similar but the gap between the two roles is very wide. A web designer can do whatever he or she likes while a developer has to follow the specific instructions laid out by the company he works for.


Despite the fact that both web designers and developers do almost the same thing, their skills are not the same. Web designers can work on a huge project, while a developer has to spend a lot of time coding. For smaller projects, hiring a freelancer seems to be the best idea.


Freelancers generally belong to two categories: the ones who have some experience in programming languages such as Java script and CSS; and those who are new to web designing and have very little experience coding. Generally, they belong to the first category. On the other hand, web developers are usually experienced in both programming languages but belong to the second category. They usually start off as interns but later on go freelance once they have gained some experience in web design and developing.


Even though it looks like they are doing almost the same thing, a good web developer should have different skill sets. If he only knows the basic HTML and CSS basics, he will not be able to understand complex issues such as client-side scripting. Likewise, if he knows only Java and JavaScript, he will not be able to handle a large database or the operation side of an online store. He or she should therefore know different programming languages as well as CSS and HTML basics to be able to give an effective service to his or her clients.


Some designers and developers also work in teams. In such cases, web developers work on specific projects, while the designers are working on general web design and development projects. This approach allows them to benefit from the best aspects of each program without having to code any new programs. Of course, web designers can still do all the coding and designing, while the programmers to focus on the functionality aspect. However, this division is usually done on an individual basis so web designers and developers can choose to work as a team if they want to.


The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. It has provided for a very interactive platform through which people can get to know each other through blog posts, articles, videos, forums, discussion boards and even forums. This is where front-end developers come into play. They are the ones who make the website creation process efficient. For instance, they make the layouts for websites, use the right coding techniques in order to make sure that the website looks great and that it is fully functional and user-friendly, and ensure that it is SEO-friendly so that search engines can find it.

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