Web Developers and Web Application Development Jobs

Web Developers and Web Application Development Jobs

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the websites that are accessible through the Internet. Website developers use different types of software to create and maintain websites. Web development includes everything from building a web page, to adding functionality to it, to coding the site’s code so it will function properly. While many individuals consider web developers to be responsible for their own productivity on the computer, this is not entirely true. There are many different aspects to becoming a web developer and the job description is much more broad than just “codes”.

Web Developers and Web Application Development Jobs


There are several different computer science degrees that lead to jobs as web developers. Associate degrees are typically used to obtain jobs as website designers. An associate degree can be obtained at any community college and most colleges offer courses in basic computer science as a part of an education requirement. A bachelor’s degree is required in order to get a job as a web designer, but there are a number of opportunities available to those with bachelor’s degrees as well. Online courses in information technology also lead to a number of web design related jobs.


Some of the jobs available at the entry level include website designers and programmers, who are often called on to develop customer specific and developmental web development degrees. This type of work may include working as a graphic designer on complex projects such as advertising campaigns. Those who have bachelor’s degrees in this area may be responsible for developing web content management systems and content management networks. Web developers may also be responsible for content management systems that control the creation and distribution of media such as images and video.


A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field often leads to a job as a database administrator. These individuals are responsible for database maintenance, back up security, and network connectivity. Database administrators are commonly called upon to support various business functions such as accounting, human resource, website development, manufacturing, medical, retail, and other industries. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in computer science will provide individuals the tools to be effective database administrators.


Another profession in which web developers often fit is that of web application and web design professionals. These professionals create user interfaces for websites by creating interfaces for features such as text boxes, forms, drop down menus, and buttons. Some web developers may even create web applications that are used internally by a company. Other web applications created internally include contact lists, electronic mailboxes, and database management systems.


Web applications and web design professionals are generally responsible for integrating technology in websites to allow users to interact with the site through various communication methods. The web developers may be responsible for adding the functionality to websites or creating unique applications. Some of these professionals may be involved in developing websites for personal reasons, while others work for large corporations as project managers. Many of the corporate web development positions are available to qualified candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science, specifically one that focuses on web applications. As most corporate budgets are limited, companies will often look for web developers who possess specific skills that can meet their particular needs.


Another area in which web developers find great employment opportunity is in the field of e-commerce. A lot of the new e-commerce websites are being developed using technologies that allow for the quick and easy transfer of information between different websites, or between different computers. Web developers are often the ones who help these companies develop these web applications. Job growth for web application and web design professionals is expected to increase in the years to come as more companies look for ways to cut their costs, but keep their customers coming back. As the cost of computers decreases and consumers become more familiar with surfing the Internet, more jobs will be available in the field of e-commerce.


There are a variety of career options available to those interested in obtaining the skills needed to become a web developer or software developer. In recent years, most software development jobs require an education that spans four years at a university. Some software development professionals choose to go on to become consultants, instructors, educators, and business owners themselves. Whatever the area of choice, the opportunities for job growth are substantial. All technology-related skills are required by today’s software developers, and this outlook looks bright for the future of the web-based technologies we use every day.

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