Website Monitoring Tools – What Are the Best?

Website Monitoring Tools – What Are the Best?

Website monitoring is the act of verifying and checking that end-users can fully interact with a website or an online web application as anticipated. Companies often use a website monitoring to make sure that website performance, functionality, and site uptime is all as desired. Website monitoring also helps to reduce the amount of time an employee spends monitoring the website. Most large companies have websites for internal business needs and for marketing purposes. Monitoring these websites enables management of the overall website performance and ensures that problems do not occur that would be very costly to remedy.


The main benefits to website monitoring are the ability to quickly identify potential problems and correct them before they compromise the overall website performance and user experience. Through alerts and notifications, website monitoring software can send data to a central location or email address. With notifications, you can receive emails and telephone calls when performance problems occur. These notifications provide users with the information they need to act quickly to correct problems before damages are done. In some cases, server monitoring solutions will send notifications directly to the IT team, or use messaging systems to communicate with the servers on a daily basis.


The first common feature you will find in a website monitoring solution is the dashboard. This part of the software contains the most up-to-date information regarding your website. This dashboard typically includes the following areas: performance, servers, and daily activity logs. Some server-monitoring dashboards will also include other common features such as total website load times, average load time, total number of visitors to the website, most common pages viewed, and average time spent on each page. This information is useful for monitoring progress, faults, usability issues, and more.


Another common feature among website monitoring software is the ability to retrieve metrics and other information. Metrics are general observations about how well your server is performing. Common metrics include response time, uptime, etc. These metrics are very helpful in determining if improvements are needed. For example, if a website is experiencing a high number of down times, this may be an indication of a more pressing issue that requires immediate attention.


Another common feature of many monitors is the ability to create graphs and reports from the data collected. Graphs are a visual representation (for some) of the information contained within metrics. Some of these graphs present summary statistics while others may even display the results in table format. These visual representations allow you to make quick comparisons between different aspects of your website’s page. You can also get detailed information by clicking on a single graph.


Most monitoring solutions also have the capability to use website-monitoring tools such as alerts. These are not actual checks, but a set of notifications that notify you when there are problems with your servers. Different tools will perform different types of checks. You should use the one that you feel most comfortable with. There are a number of different alerts that you may choose from, such as:


A good option for business owners is to sign up for a 30-day trial. Most monitors offer this free of charge. During this period, you can use the tools as much as you wish determine which is best for your needs. For example, some monitors will only send out status pages, whereas others will check every page of your site for a period of 30 days.


The 30-day trial gives you a chance to try out the functionality of the solution that you are considering. If you like it, you can continue using the service for a full year. The 30-day trial is the best website monitoring tool, you can find because it allows you to completely test the features before you pay for them. This gives you the most control and versatility for your investment.

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